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Rather bad. Needs more melody.

Protip: Songs usually have some sort of balance between the high frequencies, middle frequencies and lower frequencies. Now, you can have the worlds most badass bassline (the lower frequencies), but your song is still going to suck without a proper melody or chord progression (the middle and the high frequencies.)

Now, each of those parts is supposed to complement the others in a harmonious way, meaning they should all follow the same scale and/or chords.

On top of that, the song must have some kind of proper rhythm, to keep the song consistent throughout its course. This is where the drums come in.

Now, where does your song fit in all of this?

Well, your bassline is fine, but without a melody, or chord progression, it doesn't work out too well.

Not only that, but its so loud, it drowns out the drums you have,(But thats more of a mastering problem.)

Running your song through a Spectrogram as you make it, and making sure it gets filled out fully is a decent way to make sure it gets filled out. (If you're using FL studio, you should try out wave candy)

TL;DR, there is no TL;DR.

Nice break.

You nailed the drums perfectly.

The bassline is sexy as hell, but I want to hear more of it. Give it a few seconds in the spotlight, a little solo without any drums.

It could use some sort of lead on top of the drums and bass to give it a bit of variation. Some nice soft strings would work nicely.

It also seems a bit short for a song, but thats just me.

SSJDre responds:

Well thanks, but like I said, I felt like it was missing something, I just for the life of me couldn't think of anything, but taking all of that into consideration, I may be able to make a better version of the song. Maybe giving the bassline some solo time would help, but I'm sure I can do more, thanks for the advice, it's much appreciated.

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